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Recently I stumbled across a great video by Gary Yourofsky. Like myself, Gary consumed meat on a daily basis before becoming vegan. He is pretty old school, and took action way before this movement became as big at is now (still not big enough of course). The video itself is a lecture to students in an American university. Gary delivers the speech perfectly. He speaks with confidence, knowledge and wit, making the video extremely informative yet amusing, despite how sombre of a topic it is.

The video is mostly Gary speaking, however there is a section of animals suffering before they are murdered. The reason for including this footage is to make people aware what actually happens, help reconnect us with these enslaved animals. Ultimately we are all vegans from birth. We do not want to hurt animals, yet we are paying people to hurt and kill animals just for our sensory pleasures. Gary includes this footage, because if you cannot watch it and be OK with what happens, then you shouldn’t be eating flesh of an innocent animal that has done nothing to you.

Towards the end of the video, Gary recommends some vegan food. Obviously a vegan lifestyle is most optimal when eating wholefoods. However processed food can be great alternatives every now and again. The amount of delicious, healthier and environmentally sound plant based alternatives in supermarkets, gives you no excuse to choose animal products instead. Especially considering these plant based alternatives are animal suffering free. That is literally a WIN, WIN and a WIN.

If you would like to watch the video, please follow this link… relax and set aside an hour to soak in all the information. And despite it being 10+ years old now, it’s definitely still relevant.