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Beyond Meat is one of my largest investments I have made. Their products are far superior to the ones I have tasted here in the UK. I have heard great things about Impossible meat, but unfortunately haven’t had a chance to taste their product range yet. The reasons for my investment in $BYND is simply because, plant based meat is very much the future. $BYND is a first mover and already have their foot in huge fast food chains, supermarkets and other food outlets.

Plant based meat reminds me of electric cars. Everybody at the beginning (except for a small few) thought electric cars would never be a thing. Tesla for example, was constantly shorted – had a huge consolidation period and eventually the stock broke out, as people eventually caught onto the reasons and benefits of having an electric car. Plant based meat is similar, negative stigma around ‘Vegans’ definitely does not help. However, plant based meat still offers an incredible taste & texture while becoming more affordable. The benefits and why plant based or lab based meat will succeed in the long run is as follows:

It’s better for your health — similar macronutrient profile, yet it doesn’t have as much saturated fat and has zero animal cholesterol. Therefore, substituting plant based meat reduces your chance to get heart disease, cancers, diabetes 2 and other horrible illnesses.

It’s better for the environment — like electric cars, plant based meat is far better for the environment than their counterpart. Companies like Beyond meat has also gone further to ensure their environmental effort is not limited to just their products. They use renewable energy, water recirculation systems and fully compositable materials.
No need to kill innocent animals. Simple as that really. The horrible conditions that the majority of factory farm animals have to live in is becoming more evident with social media. Compassionate people do not want to contribute to the suffering and murder of animals, especially when they realise that these animals have a sense of reality and plant based alternatives are just as good.

The benefits of plant based meat is obvious. The trend of people going vegan and vegetarian is increase each year, as people begin to realise that you do not need to eat meat or drink baby cow milk. A shift in consciousness helps people realise that their actions have severe consequences on their health, the environment and the animals.

Plant based meat will continue to get better. A beyond meat burger is delicious and already has that ‘beef’ taste. Moving forward, companies like Beyond need to bring their prices down and improve their marketing to reach more people with hard hitting facts. At the time of writing, $BYND is trading at roughly 120 dollars per share. It is worth to start a small position here and start accumulating if the price dips into the lower daily range. The future of Beyond meat is very bullish, although I expect it to consolidate for another couple of years.