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Here’s some simple questions that can help determine if your morals & values align with veganism. Answer honestly with a Yes or a No. 

  1. Are you against animal suffering & cruelty?
  2. Is an animals life worth more than your taste buds?
  3. Do you care about the environment and want to help the best you can in combatting climate change?
  4. Do you care about your own health & others?
  5. If we were talking about mass slaughter / abuse of dogs or dolphins or even human babies bred for sensory pleasure, would you be against that?
  6. Can you survive without eating animal flesh or products?
  7. Are you against the exploitation of all animals?
  8. If you stumbled across an animal on the street, would you try to help the animal who is in pain and suffering?
  9. Would you be happy eating a plant based alternative to meat or dairy that tastes almost the same, has similar macronutrients and the same texture?
  10. Are you fully aware of where your animal products come from and the subsequent consequences it has on the environment, the animals and your body?

I would hope most of your answers to these questions would be Yes. But you are more than likely still funding an industry that exploits, enslaves, rapes and murders these animals for sensory pleasure. You are more than likely a good person who doesn’t want to harm animals or result in them living a miserable life. The great disconnect between buying a burger at McDonalds and pigs being pushed into a gas chamber after living a miserable life is the main issue here.

This ignorance and clever marketing caused by multi-billion dollar industries causes us to overlook this unethical and immoral process. If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, you should be doing everything you can to educate yourself about animal agriculture / exploitation and challenge these mainstream habits of consuming animal products. If not, you are culpable and a hypocrite.

Please learn and watch more about animal agriculture and boycott the industry. Only after action will you be congruent with your morals and ethics (your yes answers).

Religious specific questions

  1. Did God put animals on this planet for them to be purposely bred at an unsustainable scale?
  2. Did God put animals on this planet to have their genetics modified?
  3. Is eating Halal meat more humane than eating plant based food?

These are difficult questions to answer and coming from a place of no religion I cannot answer them. But I do plea you ponder on these answers. Perhaps God created animals as a resource, but I don’t think he would condone what is happening to these animals and how they are being constantly modified to suit the supply and demand chain.