What exactly is being vegan?

Lots of people think being vegan is just a diet. Being vegan is more of a philosophy where you abstain from the use of animal products, and rejects the commodity status of animals.

How do I become a vegan?

It’s simple, you make a concentrated effort to eradicate animal products from your lifestyle. Gradual changes can be made and free resources such as challenge 22 and the vegan subreddit can greatly help you.

Why do people go Vegan?

Majority of people go vegan because they are conscious to their ethics and cannot support an industry that exploits animals, causes suffering and eventually takes their life’s. The other two reasons are for personal health and the environment.

What can you not eat as a vegan

You cannot eat any animal products as a vegan. This includes the dairy and egg industry. Instead, your diet should encompass legumes, fruits, vegetables and grains.

Health & Wellbeing

Are vegans nutrient deficient?

Quite the opposite, although deficiencies may occur if all you eat is junk food. Standard vegan diets are incredibly rich in nutrients and all of the stuff your body needs to function efficiently. Scientific literature has shown that a vegan diet is healthy for all age groups and conditions.

How do vegans get protein?

Vegans get protein the same way animals get protein, through plants. Legumes and things such as nuts are incredibly high in protein. If you are body building you can supplement with vegan friendly protein. But in general, a wholefoods diet should provide enough protein to repair your muscles.

Do you recommend any supplements?

Typically it’s recommended to supplement in B12 due to its importance. Creatine, especially if you are active with your fitness. However, in general a balanced wholefood diet will provide you with everything you need.

Will going vegan impact my athletic performance?

Eating a healthy vegan diet will not hold you back in your athletic pursuits. In fact, several studies have shown vegan diets to excel athletic performance and improve recovery times. More and more athletes are adopting a plant based diet due to the positive impact it has.