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Just watched Joey Carbstong new video about him pretending to sell Dolphin meat. It really puts into perspective the speciesism that happens not only in land but in the oceans. You might thinking, what exactly is speciesism? It’s the philosophy of the treating other species morally different. In this video Joey does a great job at pointing out people’s cognitive dissonance, they think eating dolphin is wrong, horrible and disgusting. But the uncomfortable truth is, they eat other species of fish that are endangered i.e. Tuna.  Moreover, catching fishes like this results in bycatch with the huge trawling nets, which indirectly kills dolphins, sharks, whales and other endangered species.

Ultimately the point of the video is to highlight hypocrisy, like his other videos i.e. him trying to sell dog meat in the UK. Why is it ok to eat pig flesh and cow flesh, but people think it’s immoral to eat dog flesh? For any communities who have been marginalised, you would hope they would become vegan. Because they should resonate with how it feels to be treated as lesser or insignificant. For those who have never been marginalised, you should ask yourself why it’s moral to eat some animals but not others.