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It’s always amazing and encouraging to learn that some of your idols are vegan. Two huge influences on my life are JME and Akala. Both of which are incredibly talented musicians, but more importantly they are compassionate, intelligent and independent thinkers. Their commonalities would also be the reason for them to go vegan. Both of which seem to have a hunger for knowledge and are constantly observing and critically thinking. They are not ignorant, they research and learn.

JME for example talks about this when having lunch with Chuckie. He spent time educating himself about veganism and ultimately realised that a vegan lifestyle is better for the animals, the environment and his health. In his words, it’s literally a win, win, win. Akala had a similar approach, and realised through real life observations and literature, vegans tend to be far healthier. While his initial switch to vegan was health based, animal suffering would later become a factor, something he touches on briefly here.

Personally, I’m incredibly happy to know that JME and Akala are vegan. They are trend setters and tend to be ahead of the time. The vegan movement is coming, and pioneers who have adopted this lifestyle demonstrate that.  As JME mentions in his interview with plant based news, being a vegan is becoming normal, and eventually the word vegan will just be the norm and cease to exist, as humanity becomes less ignorant to the inhumane treatment of certain species.