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So many bad takes, the internet

By August 2, 2022No Comments

It’s incredibly tempting to go completely offline. The internet is just full of trolls and people who lack compassion, have a serious case of hypocrisy or simply don’t care. And yet, it’s these very people who get all the attention for being “controversial” even from vegan commentators. I’m not actively looking for this type of content or run into these people, yet it still manages to find me. It’s mostly celebrities or people of interest “debunking” veganism or trying to make a point by being “extra” carnivore. I have no idea why vegans entertain this type of content, I find it tiring and demotivating.

Yet whenever I go on Youtube or Reddit, I’m recommended these videos. And it’s not just about veganism. There’s so many bad takes on the internet (at least from my perspective) whether it’s from the far left or the far right, these people tend to be everywhere. It’s becoming more and more difficult to find people who value moderation and general society views, because the internet is just plagued with toxicity.

In short, taking a break from the internet seems like a good idea. And minimising social media even better. I just wish big tech would stop force feeding us these extreme commentators.